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Is anyone on a birth control that they actually like? If so, what is the name of it?

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  2. lookingfor-christina said: Portia, it’s the generic brand of levora so either is good. I was on ortho tri cyclen and it’s generic trip sprintec prior and both of those made me INCREDIBLY moody.
  3. omnia-mea-mecum-porto said: levora
  4. onethousandforevers said: sprintec works really well for me! no side effects at all :)
  5. torrently said: I have a friend who is on ortho tri something lo. Sorry I can’t remember the name of it!! But its something like that and it works really well for her.
  6. 17poisons said: ortho tri-cyclen lo, I’ve been on it since I was like 17, it’s a pill, works well.
  7. badremix said: Microgestin Fe is A+
  8. pleurers said: i friend really like the ring they stick up your vagina